Total Pregnancy Fitness

Fit For 2 is a Safe Pelvic Floor Exercise program

including resistance training and Pilates exercises

specifically designed for Pregnant and Postnatal

Women and run by a Midwife!!

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Pregnancy Exercise Classes

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You owe it to yourself and your baby to eat right, exercise and protect YOUR pelvic floor!!

Come and join my safe exercise program including Resistance training and Pilates exercises all focusing on pelvic floor and core activation to minimize complications and to have an enhanced labour and birth experience and a quicker recovery period.

Postnatal Exercise Classes

Congratulations on becoming a new mum!!

Postnatal exercises are combined with the pregnancy classes and are a combination of low to advanced Resistance Training and Pilates based movements to re-strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, based around your birth and recovery period and any ongoing complications.

FIT FOR 2 PRO ONLINE - coming soon

FIT FOR 2 is launching their new and exciting online membership program with our team of health experts to provide you the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all prenatal and postnatal care and support soon. Our membership program will provide you with Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation and Mindset and a team of our experts to provide you with research, safe guidelines and support.

To become 1 of 20 Founding Members please hit the tab below.

To register for the big launch early 2018 please join our mailing list or complete the contact me form

Don’t Become a Statistic!!! Protect Your Pelvic Floor….

Join our Fit For 2 Program to help protect against bladder leakage during and post pregnancy


Calling all mummas to be!!

Prenatal Yoga for birth, recovery, & pelvic floor care workshop

10th December 2017

Run by Fit For 2 and Body Alchemy Yoga



Support during pregnancy for your wellbeing and to keep you mobile and sane is important.

Physical strain on the body from pregnancy can cause additional complications including back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, SPD, pelvic instability, vulval varicosities and varicose veins. SRC pregnancy shorts and leggings provide support and aid mobility so you can work and exercise with minimal pain throughout your pregnancy.


Would you like to bounce back quicker post birth?

SRC Recovery Shorts aid mobility and provide stability to the back, abdomen, pelvic region and upper legs. The patented design is vital for support and post birth healing, especially if you have a vaginal tear or episiotomy, pelvic floor weakness, and also help to support caesarean wound to aid in healing.


A range of SRC Garments available for the whole family.

Power mesh lining with cross compression

Accelerates muscle recovery post exercise

Improves muscle tone and stability

Protection, prevention and performance, during and after exercise

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