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Pregnancy Fitness – Understanding Weight Gain
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“I cannot thank Anita enough for everything she has done throughout my pregnancy! I found Fit For 2 through google when looking for pregnancy fitness within my area. Little did i know how great my experience would be. The classes and exercises were not only fun and a great way to meet new mums to be within my local area but they kept me in great shape throughout my pregnancy, helped to maintain fitness and deal with morning sickness but also provided a fabulous way at ensuring flexibility, strong pelvic floor and maintaining overall health throughout my pregnancy. Anita is a wonderful teacher, leader, instructor and undeniably a great Midwife. Her knowledge and expertise meant no question was ever a bother and was always providing information and help in any way. Wish i had her during my labour! Will miss my weekly classes now that bubs has arrived but i highly recommend Fit For 2 to anyone looking for fun way to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy. I’ll definitely be back for bubs #2!”

Tasha ~ Past Client of Fit For 2


Being pregnant and having a baby should be one of the most exciting journeys
you experience in your life!

But instead you can feel anxious and overwhelmed by the whole experience.
“How do I exercise safely?”
“Can I exercise while I’m pregnant?”
“How do I restrengthen again safely post birth from the inside out?”

And you know (all too well I’m sure) that feeling when…
• You feel overwhelmed of becoming a mum
• You are unsure of the do’s and dont’s
• You are struggling with all the advice people are giving you

And it can be really tough to find the motivation to make anything happen?
Have you ever felt like that?
I have when I was pregnant and recovering post birth!

If any of the above is something that you can relate to, then come join me face to face with our unlimited 7 days for $7 offer to try all the classes before you join my program.

Hi, My name is Anita Guerra, and I’m the founder of Fit For 2 and Fit For 2 PRO

I help conceiving, pregnant and postnatal women, whom struggle with preparation and exercise in their pregnancy and into motherhood to achieve empowerment and be fearless by guiding them through a safe exercise program which also includes preparing their mindset and body ready for labour and birth and an enhanced recovery period with a team of experts I trust.

I believe that all women can empower themselves for pregnancy and motherhood with the correct guidance to reduce fear and anxiety so they can enjoy their pregnancy and transition well into motherhood. Becoming pregnant and being pregnant for 9 months is a special time. All women deserve to be educated and informed on choices and the importance of the correct prenatal and postnatal care guidelines with exercise while protecting your pelvic floor!

My goals are to ensure that every women whom is pregnant is going to protect themselves while exercising to minimize any chances of complications during their pregnancy and postnatal period. This very much involves protecting your pelvic floor!

After years of working with pregnant and post birth women, I have found the answers. I realized most programs only address one or two areas. My programs Fit For 2 (face to face) and Fit For 2 PRO (online), provides all the exercises, education and support which women are craving for. To date, my program has helped so many women stick to their fitness routine and create positive habits and become educated and empowered for their special journey!

Anita thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. When my first child was born, I had a 13hr labour with a 3A tear.
“My recovery was long and painful. Once I found out I was pregnant for a 2nd time, I researched many avenues to ensure the 2nd time around would be a less painful experience. Originally looking for a Pilates class, I stumbled onto your website and I haven’t looked back since. By committing to two nights a week with you, I not only strengthened my pelvic floor, I also worked many muscles which made my second pregnancy and labour so much easier. I couldn’t recommend you or your program highly enough as it was invaluable to me during my second pregnancy and recovery post birth. Your online program is going to be amazing!!”
Dannyell ~ Past Client of Fit For 2

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