Loreto buy ivermectin ivermectin You’re bored, and so is everyone else.

But that’s a small price to ‘flatten the curve’, and help healthcare systems around the world keep up with the increasing daily cases of Coronavirus.

So in a sense  you’re a soldier. You’re serving your community, doing the right thing – even when you don’t want to, and running the risk of dying from … boredom.

Well – not anymore.

Here are 37 things you can do at home during the quarantine to help you retain your sanity, and develop some awesome (and potentially life-changing) skills.

where can i buy isotretinoin for acne The Things

  1. Make a journal of all the things you’re thankful for. You’ll feel much happier and appreciate the small things while staying at home.
  2. Drink this fire cider. It’s a really good immune booster.
  3. Watch cat videos. Because why not?
  4. Browse the r/birdswitharms subreddit. There are some hilarious pictures there.
  5. Make a pillow fort with your kids using all the pillows and blankets in your home. Who needs camping anyway?
  6. Read the book ‘Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus’ by John Gray. It’ll give you a small window into the mysterious and incomprehensible mind of the opposite sex.
  7. Learn to skip rope and do some cool tricks with the rope. Google to see some awesome things to do with a skip rope.
  8. Sit down and read the book ‘Persuasion’ by Robert Cialdini, and then use the tactics on your family members to get what you want…. ALL THE TIME.
  9. Try playing some online games.
  10. Learn how to do a handstand. So next time you’re at a party you’ll actually be cool.
  11. Learn how to make a cheesecake at home. No one has ever hated cheesecake, except a loser.
  12. Actually learn a foreign language. And by the way, saying ‘No Bueno’ means that you are ‘No Bueno’ at Spanish.
  13. Have a video conference with your friends on Zoom, and play the game mafia. You’ll never look at them the same way after.
  14. Make butter chicken at home. You won’t be disappointed.
  15. Do the 100 pushups a day challenge (or however many or can do).
  16. Outperform Instagram filters. Learn how to photo edit, and make your friends jealous.
  17. Start blogging. You can write about anything, from children to chipmunks.
  18. Take an online class that teaches negotiation. So that you can learn to say no.
  19. Paint a picture of one of your family members. Unleash your inner Shakespeare (Wait wasn’t Picasso the painter…)
  20. Listen to the impact theory podcast.
  21. Watch cat videos. Period.
  22. Watch Frozen for the fifth time.
  23. Write a poem. Or just don’t.
  24. Look at puppy pictures. I know you were expecting me to put a link to a page with puppy pictures, but honestly, you can just Google it yourself.
  25. Take a bubble bath, and listen to your favorite audiobook.
  26. Actually sleep for 8 hours.
  27. Dye your hair a new colour. And surprise yourself, please.
  28. Donate to your local food bank – and feel like you’re actually making a difference, instead of just rotting at home.
  29. Talk to one of your old high school friends and see how they are.
  30. Learn how to make origami ninja stars, and then throw them at your family members when they’re least expecting it.
  31. Try brushing your teeth with your left hand.
  32. Commit to learning how to type faster. Then just don’t do it, because you can (and honestly nobody’s going to care)
  33. Do the splits, or learn how to do them.
  34. Play balloon volleyball with your family. And keep spiking the ball at the family member you like the least.
  35. Become a hero by writing a children’s book.
  36. Call one of your family members that you haven’t heard from in a while.
  37. See how long you can balance on one leg. And keep increasing it by increments of 5 seconds a day.

Did we miss any awesome ideas? Tell us in the comments below, we’d love to hear about them…

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