Solin Get-rich schemes are great. Really they are.

Until you actually try them.

But many people still get sucked into them, because of the huge promises they make of making a lot of money in a short period of time.

‘Learn amazing skills, from start to finish in just a month’

Sounds like one, right?

Well, yes it does.

But self-improvement guru Danny Forest has been doing exactly that for the past few years with tens of skills, for himself and others. He says that 30 minutes a day of deliberate practice for a month – can make you competent at a skill, especially non-competitive skills.

And since you’re already stuck at home and probably bored right now, there is no better time to try learning that skill you’ve always wanted to learn – and become competent at it.

Zemoura In this article, we’ll talk about 5 skills you can learn, and become competent at in a month’s time while you’re stuck at home.

Coquitlam Learning A Foreign Language

Look you’re probably not going to start talking Spanish, or Arabic fluently in a month’s time, but you can get surprisingly good. Plus, once the quarantine is over, you’ll be able to go to your friends’ parties and seem really exotic – because you know 10x more Arabic than them.

Not only will you be cooler at parties after learning a foreign language, but learning foreign languages is proven to delay the onset of age-related cognitive diseases. Additionally, research indicates that learning a foreign improves your working memory.

Self-help guru Tim Ferris has become fluent in many languages, including Japanese in just 3 months.

There are many tools you can use to help you like Duolingo (the cute green bird app) or do the traditional way of flashcards with Anki. Photo Editing

Who needs Instagram filters anyways? Learn how to photo edit and touch your photos – so that your friends are jealous.

You can check out some free courses on skillshare.

Learn Yoga

Everybody and their mum want to do yoga – but rarely get a chance to. Now is your chance to start.

Yoga has many science-backed benefits. A study shows that yoga lowers stress levels, as well as fights depression and anxiety. There is evidence to show that yoga helps with weight control because it promotes mindfulness – especially when eating.

These two benefits are especially important in the current situation where many are fearful and physically inactive – due to quarantine.

Weight-loss and mental health benefits were observed when participants did yoga for 30 – 60 minutes, once a week.

And if you hate Yoga or already doing it then check out Fit For 2 for safe resistance training and find out how to keep your pelvic floor safe so you don’t pee your pants xx

Learn to Read

Read consistently I mean. And no, I didn’t assume you were illiterate (or else I wouldn’t have written this….)

But most people don’t read as much as they’d like.

Reading has some amazing benefits like allowing you to empathize better and lessen age-related cognitive decline. Also, research indicates that reading improves performance intellectual tasks.

So, get yourself an Amazon Kindle, download your favourite books and start reading for 30 minutes a night.

Learn How to Blog

Blogging is lame to most people.

But they don’t know the benefits of blogging. The type of blogging I am referring to is expressive writing, meaning writing where you are able to express your emotions.

Expressing writing is able to help people improve coping abilities, research finds. Studies also show that expressive writing results in higher levels of happiness.


This list could have gone on forever, but hopefully you’re getting the point. There are many skills you can learn during the next few weeks and months at home – instead of browsing social media and the news. These can be life-changing and ultimately make you a more useful human being.

Are you starting to learn any of these skills? Which skills did we miss? Tell us in the comments below…

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