I am a first-time mum and my baby boy was born in January 2021, I experienced pregnancy during COVID-19 and lockdowns but being a new mum during the lockdowns is a whole different experience. In the 7 years I have being in my current job the longest I have taken off in one go is 4 weeks. Knowing I would be having 10 months off along with not knowing what the future held regarding COVID-19 I found is quite scary.

buy isotretinoin europe During COVID-19 when we were in lockdowns, I was luckily still able to have my mum or a family member come for caregiving reasons to help me and to just have a break, it was a massive help but at the same time I had moments where I would literally sit on the couch and not have the motivation to do anything except look after my baby boy. I have loved the quality one-on-one time I have spent with him, but it has been tough with him not being able to see family and close friends pretty much at all since he was born. It has also been tough as I have felt I have always have to be on mum mode because I am so used to it.

Mentally the last month have been quite tough because this whole pandemic has finally taken its tool on me. I started struggling with having a routine for myself, which caused me  to lose motivation in general. The days just seem to mould into one and I feel like I’m a hamster on a wheel doing the same thing but have struggled to find the drive to get myself off the wheel.

I feel for those other new mums out there who may be going through the same thing, it is tough, and, in these times, this is where you need to reach out to people to talk about your struggles, or work out what you need to do for you to get off the wheel.

Things I have done for myself over the last few days to start the process of getting off the wheel are:

  • Setting alarms and getting myself in the wake-up routine as if I was back at work. I have found this has helped me not lay in bed all day or on the couch.
  • Going for a walk with my baby, even if it is 10 minutes
  • Planned out the classes I will do with Fit for 2 when I go back to work that fit into my work roster. Anita’s program got me through my pregnancy and post-partum and the last month I have not been as active with attending classes which I can tell mentally and physically has taken a toll in a negative way.

best place to buy Misoprostol online? So what are you going to do for your self-care?

Can you write a list of 5 things you would like to do for you?

And if one of those is exercise and education about conception, pregnancy and motherhood, then Anita at Fit For 2 can surely guide you in the right direction. Start putting you first and surround yourself with an amazing group of strong women.

Written by Laura, Mum to Jackson