Congratulations! You have had your baby and now you are laying there sore but over the moon with happiness. You may be laying there wondering what will be next both mentally and physically for your body, I know that I was. As I was pregnant right at the peak of COVID I did not get to have the normal pregnancy journey, no baby shower, no birthing classes, and restricted appointments where my husband could not come. Thank God for Anita’s online education program or I would have been lost as this was my first pregnancy.

The first few days in the hospital were challenging both mentally and physically. During my pregnancy, I did not get to attend birthing classes either in person or online and had limited appointments with midwives/doctors where post-birth care wasn’t really spoken about. Thankfully, I had Anita’s online education portal which I utilized, along with her Facebook community groups where I could ask other mums questions.

I remember walking from the birthing suite to the maternity ward, I tried putting on my thongs and they just fit, I was already swelling up like a balloon. Then once I got to my room the bleeding was in full swing, I did not know you could bleed this much after losing blood during birth, I am a person that can normally wear liners during my menstrual cycle. Shortly after arriving the nurse brought me some ice packs to put under my pad and OMG what relief it was.

Once I got home, I then had to take care of my own post-care along with also looking after a new baby. I remember thinking wow this is going to be full-on, but I found doing the following things helped ease the stress and assisted in my recovery.

When we got home, we had family come over in small groups as they were not able to come to the hospital due to COVID restrictions. Before my family came over, they would ask me if I needed anything which was a relief, they brought over some cooked meals prepacked so I could just put them in the oven or microwave and heat them up.

When they were over, once they had a cuddle with the new arrival they would ask if I needed them to help do anything. I asked if they could put some clothes in the dryer or hang them out, which they were happy to do.

You would normally think when my baby sleeps that nows the time to get some housework or chores done. Well as a new mum I can tell you it is the opposite; my baby was not a long sleeper during his naps so I would take any chance I had to have a nap even if it was only 20 minutes. The chores can wait, remember your baby runs the show once they are born.

I found that after the birth and the adrenaline and excitement had passed, I felt like my body was going into overdrive trying to replenish itself. The best way to describe it is like having extreme jetlag. I made sure I was drinking plenty of water, at times I would have some hydralite if I needed that bit more. I ate as well as I could so if people brought me food, I would ask them to make sure it was full of protein, fibre and all the good things. If my husband went to the shops, I would ask him to get healthy snacks, even though I really wanted junk food.

Being a new mum is very demanding, especially when your body is needing to recover. I made sure that I had at least 20 minutes to myself, no partner or baby. My husband would look after the baby and I would go and either have a shower followed by lying on my bed, eyes closed with some relaxing oils in my diffuser or calling a friend or family member and having a talk without interruptions.


During my pregnancy I started to use essential oils, I started with home care items such as surface sprays and laundry detergent. The as my pregnancy journey progressed, I began to start using essential oils for personal care. When your pregnant relief for ailments is as simple as you are limited to what you can take, so I turned to essential oils. I also knew that it was safe to use while pregnant and would not harm my baby. Essential oils are so versatile, and I still use them to this day in pretty much every aspect of my life unless I need medication due to the extent of the ailment.

The journey of parenthood is hard, and babies do not come with manuals, every baby is so different but imagines if they were all the same, that would just be weird. Your post-birth journey is a long process, and it does not finish after 6 weeks it can take a good 12 months.

Post-birth is not a heavily spoken about the conversation during your pregnancy and besides the odd doctor’s check-up and maternal health appointment, it can be very hard to get the right guidance to assist in your recovery. This is where Anita’s program is amazing, she is not just a trainer but a qualified midwife and nurse, without Anita’s Fit for 2 programs during and post-birth I can honestly say I would not be where I am now. I would not have looked after myself the way I should have.

So, whether you are trying to conceive, currently pregnant or have just given birth or just a mum in general you can get heaps out of Anita’s Fit for 2 programs no matter what stage you are at.

Written by Laura, Mum to Jackson

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