Bingöl ?This is Amy currently nearly 38 weeks plus pregnant whom has been training with me 2 days a week since she was 14 weeks pregnant. ?Amy has had her moments in her pregnancy but still she made the commitment to build strength for her pregnancy, birth and recovery period and to turn up to her classes and do make up classes when needed. Well done Amy on your journey so far ?

I asked Amy some questions about her journey with Fit For 2 so far.

? Why did you join Fit For 2 when you were pregnant? What were your goals?

I wasn’t comfortable with training at my previous gym anymore and felt like I wasn’t getting great advice about training during pregnancy. I wanted to keep active during my pregnancy.

? What do you like about Fit For 2?

It’s a really informative and supportive environment. It was great training with other pregnant women and not only exercising but learning about other women’s pregnancy journey.

? Do you find Anita to be supportive?

Yes, Anita was very supportive and always made sure I was doing exercises correctly or answer any questions.

? How long have you been training with Fit For 2?

I started training with Fit for 2 when I was 14 weeks pregnant and am still training at 38 weeks.

? Have you had any issues in the pregnancy and if so how have the classes helped?

I had really bad lower back and hip pain when I started training. Training has kept me moving all throughout my pregnancy and really helped with minimising  the pain. Anita also recommended getting some SRC pregnancy shorts and they have also made a world of difference.

? Did you like receiving a welcome bag at the beginning packed full of information and samples?

Yes, Who doesn’t love free samples? It was a great way to try some products and also get some information on other pregnancy related products/services.

?How do you find the safe training around pelvic floor and TA and to rebuild your core from the inside out?

Learning more about the importance of working on your pelvic floor and TA has been really good. I have also really appreciated the constant reminder of how important this is during pregnancy.

?Do you find the classes fun and motivating? Tell me why?

The classes are always fun and very social. I found it motivating when I first joined seeing women who were heavily pregnant still training.

? Would you recommend Fit For 2 to others? If so why?

Absolutely, It’s a very informative way to exercise and keep moving during your pregnancy. Nothing is being modified because you are pregnant, the whole program is designed for pregnant women.

?What is your best advice to mum’s out there in regards to health and fitness in your pregnancy journey?

? Stay active and try to do something regularly that makes you feel good. I also think it’s really important to ask questions and stay informed about what’s happening with your body throughout each stage of pregnancy. Joining Fit for 2 also exposed me to lots of other pregnancy services locally.

?Do you recommend the SRC pregnancy garments and if so why?

Yes! The pregnancy shorts have helped me so much. I noticed a difference in how I felt within a few days of wearing them and continued to wear them all throughout my pregnancy. I have also got my SRC recovery shorts ready for post birth.

Thank you Amy for sharing your journey with us.

If you would like to have an easier pregnancy journey then DM me or sms Anita on 07408 393 368 and i would love to book you in for our 7 days of unlimited classes for $7