FIT FOR 2 PRO ONLINE – coming soon!!


FIT FOR 2 has decided to go online with our team of health experts to provide you the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all prenatal and postnatal care and support. Our membership program will provide you with Fitness, Nutrition, Meditation and Mindset and a team of our experts to provide you with research, safe guidelines and support.

To register for this awesome new program coming soon please complete the contact me form to be added to our mailing list.

Become a Founding Member!!


A Founding Member is an individual whom is currently Conceiving, Pregnant or a new mum and whom would like to be 1 of the first 20 people to sign up for the membership program for a one-off lifetime fee of $200AUD.

For $200.00AUD we will provide you access to the whole program as it is being designed across all levels, plus the Facebook community group and all the Q&A recordings. You will save thousands of dollars by opting in as a Founding Member.

When you sign as a Founding Member, EVERYTHING will be included as the membership levels evolve.  You will have access to all areas as they unfold and ALL new information uploaded for LIFE….

In return, we ask you to critique the program, provide as much positive and or negative feedback plus ideas to make the program extremely valuable as it is being designed.

What you can expect!

You can expect to find ME and my team of experts providing you with a range of benefits to help you through conceiving, pregnancy and being a new mum. Our experts will include:


Fitness, Yoga and Pilates

Women’s Health Physio



Lactation Consultant

Sleep and Settling Specialist


Chiropractor and more….

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