I have run my Fit For 2 program successfully from Mernda and Greensborough for over 6 years now and I have successfully helped over hundreds of women to achieve a safe pregnancy, birth and recovery, but I now want to open this up to many more women out there whom need my help.

So now I am opening up Fit For 2 PRO, for all Australians, and the world. It is time for World Domination (in conceiving, pregnancy and post birth support).

Fit For 2 Pro is filled with safe exercises, nutrition, mindset, research guidelines, support and more. And most important, ways to protect your Pelvic Floor from the trials of carrying a baby.

Fit For 2 PRO will guide you through 3 important chapters – Conceiving, Pregnancy and Postnatal. Each chapter will allow you to exercise safely with Resistance training, Pilates and Yoga all focused around Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises.

We will teach you how to correctly activate your Pelvic Floor so you don’t become a statistic and teach you to protect your abdominal muscles from separation and life-long complications.
I have joined together with many specialists in their fields whom will teach you the fundamentals which are important throughout your journey from conceiving to motherhood.

You will be supported, loved and guided through each special moment even if you hate your pregnancy!

Fit For 2 PRO online will leave you feeling fulfilled, energised, relaxed, positive and fit to conquer your pregnancy, labour and or birth and create a safe and rewarding recovery period into motherhood.

To find out more about this fantastic online program whether you are conceiving, pregnant or post birth, hit the button below.

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What you can expect!

You can expect to find ME and my team of experts providing you with a range of benefits to help you through conceiving, pregnancy and being a new mum.
• Safe home exercise program including Resistance Training, Pilates and Yoga.
• Nutrition – What to eat and why plus healthy and quick meal ideas and receipes.
• Super Supplements and more for exhausted pregnant and postnatal mums.
• Meditation and Mindfullness so you can connect with you and your baby.
• Midwifery advice and education from A to Z.
• How to not pee your pants and exercise safely.
• How to protect your abdominal muscles and how to heal them safely post birth.
• Trimester tips and tricks and preparation for birth.
• How to survive motherhood and not become isolated.
• Chinese Medicine including how to conceive naturally.
• Advice and support for partners.
• How to prepare yourself for motherhood.
• How to get your body ready for pregnancy.

and more coming soon..

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