I was six weeks pregnant and was still going to my normal gym, but I struggled to keep up with everyone else, so I realised I needed to try and find something that would suit me better. I have always been an active person and usually would have been playing women’s cricket. I found Fit For 2 advertised on Facebook. When I read about Fit For 2, I knew I had found the program that would allow me still to exercise safely and what was even better was Anita was a Midwife so that she would understand my limitations and needs. I started at Fit For 2 and was so happy with my choice. The program was great and what was even better was the online portal which had so much information. I was pregnant right at the start of COVID, so there were no birthing classes or anything like that, not even online options.

clgen-casino-it Before I knew it, I was 38 weeks. Approaching my due date, I was getting nervous as it was my first pregnancy, but I felt as prepared as I could be thanks to Anita and her program. I hit my due date and now came the waiting. Finally, on Australia Day morning, I started having contractions. By 11 pm, the contractions were finally strong enough to go to the hospital, so I put the last of my items in my bag and off we went (Thank you, Anita, for your lists).

Thirty-six hours later, my baby boy arrived (41 weeks exactly), and boy Anita’s training paid off. My baby boy came 9.25 pounds (4.15kg). I felt drained after the labour, but I knew all those squats and pelvic floor exercises were worth it as I had minimal tearing. The doctor was impressed. A few days after the birth, the nurse came in and checked my abdominal separation, which was only one finger, again thanks to Anita’s training and commitment to the program for the health and wellbeing of my baby and me…

On the day I arrived home from the hospital, Anita dropped off some gel packs at my house for my recovery. That is how dedicated Anita is to her clients.

After my 6-week recovery, I started up training again, and I was so happy. I felt great and got right back into it. Thanks to Fit For 2, I had a good delivery and recovery. If you need an exercise program, whether you are trying to fall pregnant, currently pregnant, or a mother already, you will benefit significantly from Fit For 2’s range of programs customised to each individual.

Plus, you can even start if you have no prior exercise training, as Anita will prompt you with the basics and provide you with progressive exercises once you are ready to move to the next level.

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Make sure you download Anita’s free guides on her website and join her supportive community group via the link below.

Written by Laura – Mum to Jackson