You CAN have an easier pregnancy and birth

 and bounce back

quicker while 

living YOUR life,

not peeing your pants

and still enjoying your coffee and chocolate!

 Even if  

you work full time, have a family to run after

or hate group exercise!


Even if 

you are craving hot buttered toast

with marshmallows at 2am!


Even if

you are tired, sick and

quietly hating your journey…


I hear you and it doesn’t have to be like this!


I’m a mum of 2 young beautiful kids. I had my daughter Nicco in 2012 and my son Alex in 2015!!

I suffered from nausea for 22 weeks with both and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) with both, quite severe with my son.

I was determined that SPD was not going to drag me down…..

  • I focused on my exercise program and attended the hydro pool.
  • I wore the SRC pregnancy shorts to stabilise and reduce pain.
  • I worked the whole way through until I gave birth…
  • I ensured my mindset was positive by staying active and eating as well as I could.

I hated my second pregnancy for the pain, BUT I am thankful I pushed myself with the correct fitness, mindset, and motivation as it gave me the best birth and recovery experience possible.

I know that YOU can prepare yourself for the same with the right education, mindset, and motivation from me and my team of experts.

Hi, I am Anita…

I’m the proud owner and founder of Fit For 2- Total Pregnancy Fitness.

I am a Midwife and Nurse and a busy mum of 2. I work with conceiving, pregnant and postnatal women to ensure they exercise safely and protect their pelvic floor so they don’t pee their pants!! Yes, 1 in 3 women wet themselves after having a baby.

I’m here to help you have an enhanced labour and birth experience and a quick and easy recovery period. I’m unique because I’m a Midwife and I care about you exercising safely and creating a healthy mindset for motherhood.  I believe all women should have the chance to be educated and exercise safely in this special time in their life.

I have been a Midwife for 11 years now and a Personal/Group Trainer for 6 years. Seeing women struggle throughout their pregnancies due to obesity, diabetes, poor fitness, long labour and poor recovery period which can lead to incontinence and increased abdominal separation made me realise that:

  • women need help,
  • to be educated,
  • and they need someone to trust.

My fitness program, to date, has allowed women to build strength and exercise safely.  They learned how to activate their pelvic floor and abdominal muscles safely so they can carry the baby well and reduce complications. Their pregnancies have been easier, and their birth experiences have been enhanced with quicker labour and births, reduced need for analgesia and a quicker recovery period with a positive mindset for motherhood.

Let me guide you through how you can experience the same and safely trust me as a health professional while you are conceiving, pregnant or a new mum!!


Introducing the Amazing Fit For 2 PRO 


After 10 years as a midwife, I had grown accustomed to seeing more and more women arrive at the birth suite unfit and virtually unprepared for labour and birth.

The rise in pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and pelvic floor issues were starting to get me down.

I knew then (and I know now) that it is possible to ensure women have an easier pregnancy, labour and birth along with a quick and safe recovery period.

So Fit For 2 was born.

It’s been running for 6 years in a leafy suburb of Melbourne Australia, but now it is time for more. It is time to reach beyond my suburban surrounds and take my program to pregnant women around the country and the world. It is time for World Domination (in the pregnancy support field)!

Fit For 2 Pro is filled with correct and safe exercises, nutrition, mindset, research guidelines, support and more.  And most important, ways to protect your Pelvic Floor from the trials of carrying a baby!!

Fit For 2 PRO will guide you through 3 important chapters – Conceiving, Pregnancy and Postnatal.

Each chapter will allow you to exercise safely with Resistance training, Pilates and Yoga all focused around Pelvic Floor Safe Exercises.

We will teach you how to correctly activate your Pelvic Floor so you don’t become a statistic with our Women’s Health Physio and teach you to protect your abdominal muscles from separation and life-long complications.

Each chapter of your journey will be guided by a meditation to create a positive mindset so you can connect with your body and your baby!!

Our team of experts will teach you the fundamentals which are important throughout your journey from conceiving to motherhood.

You will be supported, loved and guided through each special moment even if you hate your pregnancy!!

Fit For 2 PRO online will leave you feeling fulfilled, energised, relaxed, positive and fit to conquer your pregnancy, labour and or birth and create a safe and rewarding recovery period into motherhood.

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is the most crucial part of your journey.

Whether you are starting with us while conceiving or have just had a baby, you will be taught and shown the most important foundations to minimise complications.

The Getting Started section will set you up with safe guidelines to follow, yes all the Do’s and Don’ts you are busting to know!!  


Included in the Conceiving section of Fit For 2 Pro are:

Fitness – Resistance Training, Pilates and Yoga. Teach you how to get your body ready safely for pregnancy.

Nutrition – Teach you how to eat well, lose weight if needed, make good habits and more.

Meet our Naturopath and be provided with advice on supplements, assistance with IVF and fertility.

Meditation and Mindset – Teach you how to relax and connect with your body and partner.

And additional experts including osteopathy, chiropractor, PANDA and Midwifery advice…


Our Pregnancy section will lead you through each trimester guided by a team of experts whom you can trust, ask questions and feel supported!

We know pregnancy can make you feel sick and exhausted, AND that’s why with a team of the right people we can help you get thru the ups and downs of the journey to prepare you for motherhood.

Post Natal 

In the Post Natal section, we will provide you with all the necessary tools, tips and tricks to ensure that you are transitioning into motherhood safely.

Becoming a new mum is an exciting time BUT its also very overwhelming.

Our experts will also include a Lactation Consultant, Sleep and Settling Specialist, Baby Osteo and more…


Jump in as one of only

20 Founding Members

Founding Members Offer CLOSES 24th December at 11.59pm AEST








What People Are Saying

“I cannot thank Anita enough for everything she has done throughout my pregnancy!
I found Fit For 2 through google when looking for pregnancy fitness within my area. Little did i know how great my experience would be.  The classes and exercises were not only fun and a great way to meet new mums to be within my local area but they kept me in great shape throughout my pregnancy, helped to maintain fitness and deal with morning sickness but also provided a fabulous way at ensuring flexibility, strong pelvic floor and maintaining overall health throughout my pregnancy.
Anita is a wonderful teacher, leader, instructor and undeniably a great midwife. Her knowledge and expertise meant no question was ever a bother and was always providing information and help in any way. Wish i had her during my labour!
Will miss my weekly classes now that bubs has arrived but i highly recommend Fit For 2 to anyone looking for fun way to stay fit and healthy during their pregnancy.
I’ll definitely be back for bubs #2!


Past client of Fit For 2

“As a pelvic floor & women’s health physio, I recommend to all my pregnant clients to maintain an exercise program focussing on core abdominal, pelvic floor muscle and general pelvic & low back strength. After observing Anita in action I can recommend her specialised classes and feel very reassured regarding her experience as a midwife – her knowledge of anatomy and pregnancy conditions such as pelvic girdle pain, abdominal muscle separation and pelvic floor dysfunction allow her to tailor the classes for individual clients. Her sessions have been of enormous benefit to a number of my patients throughout their pregnancy”


Women's Health Physio

“Anita thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me.

When my first child was born, I had a 13hr labour with a 3A tear. My recovery was long and painful. Once I found out I was pregnant for a 2nd time. I researched many avenues to ensure the 2nd time around would be a less painful experience. Originally looking for a Pilates class, I stumbled onto your website and I haven’t looked back since.  By committing to two nights a week with you, I not only strengthened my pelvic floor, I also worked many muscles which made my second pregnancy and labour so much easier.  I couldn’t recommend you or your program highly enough as it was invaluable to me during my second pregnancy and recovery post birth.  Your online program is going to be amazing!!”


Past Client of Fit For 2


“By the time your bundle of joy arrives you will be feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.”


Anita Guerra, Creator of Fit For 2 PRO….

This All Sounds Great

But I Know You Have Some Questions…

What is a Founding Member?

A Founding Member is an individual whom is currently Conceiving, Pregnant or a new mum and whom would like to be 1 of the first 20 people to sign up for the membership program for a one-off lifetime fee of $200AUD.

For $200.00 we will provide you access to the whole program as it is being designed across all levels, plus the Facebook community group and all the Q&A recordings. You will save thousands of dollars by opting in as a Founding Member.

When you sign as a Founding Member, EVERYTHING will be included as the membership levels evolve.  You will have access to all areas as they unfold and ALL new information uploaded for LIFE….

In return, we ask you to critique the program, provide as much positive and or negative feedback plus ideas to make the program extremely valuable as it is being designed.

When do I start?

You can start at any stage whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or just had a baby.

If you are pregnant or have any health complications we would advise you to speak with your health professional first to ensure that you are safe to participate in the exercise sections.

Which Health Professionals are Included?

Fit For 2 PRO will include a range of Health Professionals to ensure that we are guiding you through safely through all stages – Conceiving, Pregnancy and Motherhood.

Our Health Professionals will include:

– Registered Midwife and Nurse

– Qualified Fitness instructor/group exercise, Pilates instructor and Yoga instructor

– Women’s Health Physio: How to protect your Pelvic Floor, Abdomianl Muscles, Reduce complications (SPD, Back pain etc)

– Specialist in meditation and mindfullness: for mum and baby

– Naturopath: Advice on diet, supplements and more for mum and baby

– 2 types of Nutritionist: for all 3 stages and advising the differenes and importance of eating right

– Osteopath for pregnancy and babies

– Chiropractor for all round family care

– IVF and conceiving advice and recommendations including supplements

– PANDA: prenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety

– Sleep and settling specialist for your new baby: tips and tricks, guidance/advice and more

– Lactation Consultant: Understanding breastfeeding, tips and tricks and more

– Pelvic Floor First and Incontinence Foundation

– Pregnancy massage

– Calm birth specialist/Doula

And more…..

As a Founding member we would like you to advise us if we have missed a health professional and why so we can provide the best service possible…

How much time will it take?
The beauty of this membership program is that you can invest as little to as much time as you like. The more you prepare and educate yourself on this beautiful journey, the more you will gain and feel empowered when you become a new mum. If you are already a mum you still have heaps to gain with all our experts combined… and when and if you have another baby the program will still be available to you….
Who is it for?
Fit For 2 PRO is for anyone whom would like to be part of the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all conceiving, pregnancy and postnatal care and support. It doesn’t matter if this is your 1st pregnancy or tenth, you will still gain tremendous amounts of education, knowledge, fitness, support and more to prepare you for the journey of a lifetime.
Who is it not for?

Many of us are lucky to be blessed with a ‘low risk’ pregnancy, where there are no existing health concerns or difficulties, although you should always speak to your health provider before embarking on any exercise program.

The following list outlines some of the medical conditions that would indicate your pregnancy is not low risk, and therefore exercise may be unsuitable during this pregnancy:

  • You have had 3 or more miscarriages
  • You have a history of heart disease
  • You have general poor health or medical problems including diabetes (uncontrolled), thyroid disease, kidney disorders, respiratory problems
  • You have very low body fat that may be a cause of an illness
  • You are on medication that alters cardiac output or blood flow distribution
  • You suffer from anaemia
  • You have a history of premature labour
  • Your medical team has confirmed your baby is small for dates
  • You have a low lying placenta level 3 or 4
  • You have an incompetence cervix
  • You have ruptured your membranes
  • You are expecting twins and there are complications. otherwise its safe to exercise
However even if you do have complications and you may be excluded from certain components of exercise, you will still gain an enormous amount of tips and advice for all other areas of your conceiving, pregnancy and postnatal time!!
I hate exercise, how will I benefit?

Fit For 2 PRO is not just about exercise. You can do as much or as little as you like.

However, you may just find that you love what we provide and how easy you can do it in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

I understand how many pregnant women feel awkward and uncomfortable to exercise in front of others when they feel horrible. That’s why this home program is designed.  Plus for all the wonderful ladies whom can’t attend my face to face classes as they live to far away.

Plus even if you hate exercise you will love the meditation and mindset modules and listening and reading to all the vital information from the experts to enhance your time with us…

I have a toddler

Congratulations!  Although a toddler might cause you to be even more tired and unmotivated on the whole it is not an issue.

It’s really important to ensure that you become fit, healthy and positive during this beautiful journey and it’s great to exercise with your toddler or take time out for yourself while your little ones asleep.

What if I have a question that hasn't been answered?
Not a problem. Feel free to email me directly at

How is Fit For 2 PRO different to other programs?

Fit For 2 PRO has been specifically designed by a Midwife who is passionate about the right prenatal and postnatal care and advice.

The program has been designed with a team of health professionals to ensure that you have an enhanced pregnancy, and easier labour and birth and a safe recovery period.

The information we provide is backed by research and safe guidelines, leaving you fulfilled and knowing that you can trust the team of Fit For 2 PRO.

Coming Soon!!

The great ‘One Stop Shop’ for all Conceiving, Pregnancy and Postnatal women

Safe exercise programs for home including Resistance Training, Pilates and Yoga

Nutrition – What to eat and why plus healthy and quick meal ideas

Super Supplements and more for exhausted pregnant and postnatal mums

Meditation and Mindfullness so you can connect with you and your baby

Midwifery advice

How to not pee your pants and exercise safely

Trimester tips and tricks and preparation for birth

How to survive motherhood and not become isolated

All the breastfeeding support you need plus sleep and settling

and more…..


Become 1 of 20 Lifetime

Founding Members today!!

Founding Members Offer CLOSES 24th December at 11.59pm AEST








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