Post Birth Classes

Group classes contain a maximum of 20 people dependent on venue

  • Class goes for 45 minutes
  • Includes warm up and cool down
  • Includes Resistance Training, Balance, Coordination and Pilates Movements
  • Includes intensified core work based on Pilates Techniques using the floor, Swissball and Gymstick dependent on your recovery.
  • Gymstick/Pilates and Circuit Training available
  • Child Friendly

Please contact Anita to discuss which program is best for you to commence in post birth.

  • combined pregnancy/post birth
  • Mums and Bubs Fitness
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Exercise is important

Post Birth classes now have 2 options.

1. Pregnancy/Post Birth Combined classes are a combination of low to advanced Resistance Training and Pilates based movements to re-strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. A combination of group classes and safe cardio training will challenge your body to get you back to your prenatal shape quicker.

2. Mums and Bubs Fitness Classes are for mums whom have none to minimal issues post birth (incontinence and or abdominal separation). All exercises are pelvic floor safe and assist with healing abdominal separation safely post birth. All fitness levels welcome. You focus on your rehabilitation and progress on your exercises when possible as strength increases.

Discuss your best options with Anita today and complete the CONTACT ME FORM

These challenging workouts motivate you to lose weight, strengthen and tone your muscles to a different degree, regain and increase your energy and minimize the chance of postnatal depression. Research published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine highlights ‘exercise as an effective means for preventing decline in physical function and emotional health for postnatal women’

Don’t become a statistic!!
‘One in three women whom have had a baby wet themselves’
Designed by a qualified personal trainer and Midwife, you will achieve maximum results including health and fitness.

All information provided is backed by Pelvic Floor First and Continence Foundation of Australia

Initial Consultation

Every new mum whom comes to Fit For 2 at any stage post birth after their 6 week check will complete a face to face or phone consultation. It is important to discuss your pregnancy, birth and recovery period to date. If you have any incontinence or separation of your abdominal muscles we will refer you to our Women’s Health Physio for a full check up and create a safe Return to Exercise Program for you.

Post Birth Exercise Guidelines

It is important to check with your doctor, midwife, physiotherapist or continence professional before returning to sport or exercise after the birth. These general guidelines give you a starting point to plan your return to post birth exercise safely.

In your first 6 weeks post birth we recommend walking, pelvic floor exercises, postnatal abdominal muscle bracing and wearing the SRC Recovery Shorts to protect you while you recover.

Benefits of exercise

Exercise has the following benefits for post birth women:

It helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles

It boosts Energy

It can reduce postnatal depression

It promotes better sleep

It relieves Stress

And helps with breastfeeding

SRC Recovery Shorts

Would you like to bounce back quicker post birth?

SRC Recovery Shorts aid mobility and provide stability to the back, abdomen, pelvic region and upper legs. The patented design is vital for support and post birth healing, especially if you have a vaginal tear or episiotomy, pelvic floor weakness, and also help to support caesarean wound to aid in healing.

GYMSTICK – The best home fitness tool

The Gymstick is a very portable, easy to use fitness tool, from Finland, that enables you to do all the resistance exercises you can do a in a gym plus it gives you a good cardio workout at the same time.

It costs less than a 3-month gym membership and doesn’t take up any space. The Gymstick is Anita’s favourite exercise tool for home exercise.

Gymstick helps improve:

  • Muscular strength & endurance
  • Fat loss and toning
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Core strength & joint stability
  • Posture, mobility, balance and flexibility
  • Gymstick is a safe tool to use at any stage of your conceiving, pregnancy and post birth journey as you can change the resistance daily and it helps support your body and posture as your exercise.

I highly recommend starting with a Blue Gymstick and building up to a black.

Therefore I recommend to purchase a Blue Gymstick plus a black band so you can interchange with your exercise program.

purchase gymstick here

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