where can i buy Pregabalin over the counter This is a phrase I have heard a bucket load of times in my short timeframe as a Mum. Not in a celebratory, “you are so lucky to be able to give your all to your children!” Certainly not in a complimentary, “how wonderful that you will have a front seat to raising your children to be the best version of themselves that they can be!”

http://ipswichekiden.co.uk/resultsviewer/?eventId=4 http://dreytons.com/property/alterations-a-tenant-should-let-the-landlord-know-of/ Yes. I am a Stay at home, Mum. (I will use it’s an initialism of SAHM, as that’s a blogger thing to do, yeah?) And it appears that the SAHM is a dying breed.

According to a customized data report from the Australian Census conducted in 2016, SAHMs made up 27% of families within the Australian population who had children that were aged 18 years & under. The same statistic in 1991 was 33%.

I get it. It’s a tough gig & not one for every woman or man or family unit out there. The cost of living is increasing & it seems that our generation wants everything bigger & better than the one before. If you are fortunate to support the family’s needs on one income & you can thrive off the challenges it presents to you, there are so many benefits.
I thought being a SAHM would mean I could hang out with friends, go out for lunches, exercise regularly whilst beaming about my perfectly behaved child’s latest milestone achievement! I would continuously be glowing, have a neat & tidy home & an overall well-organized life!

Entering into the many, many discussions my husband & I had about raising our children, even well before falling pregnant, was that I would be a SAHM. From my husband’s perspective, it was the confidence knowing that I was our precious little beings’ primary carer. That I, as the one person on this earth who he fully trusts & believes in, will always have our children’s best interests at heart. I would be their constant support & protector.

For me, it was going to be the next great chapter of my life plan! I mean, how cool was it going to be ‘playing’ at home with my kids all day! I no longer experience both the ‘highs & lows of being in paid employment. My craving for creativity & attaining that sense of achievement has taken on new meanings.

My new job as a SAHM, whilst rewarding a lot of the time, does provide a mixed bag of emotions.

Moments of loneliness, yes.

Longing for adult conversation, of course.

Craving to play 4 games of team sport a week, you betcha!

Yearning to catch up with friends & drink ourselves silly ’til the early hours of the morning, absolutely!

Isolating, yeah, at times.

Whilst parenthood, in general, is nowhere near all things breezy, dreamy & straightforward, there are definitely some big positives to being with your children all the time.

I get time to give my everything to building an unbreakable bond. My kids will always call my name at the first sign of an injury (albeit sometimes just a bruised pride). I can (usually) pre-empt & quickly evaluate their emotional fragilities, helping them regulate the downs & celebrate the ups.

I may start off every day with the very best of intentions to organize everyone early, squeeze in my precious exercise time & meet for some adult conversation with the various Mum connections along the way. But there are only so many hours in the day & quite often those plans will change. At the end of the day, my kids lay their heads to rest & recharge their bustling energies, knowing that their Mum will be there to do it all again – all day – tomorrow.

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Written By: Cath Mum of 4