After 10 months on maternity leave I was due to go back to work 40 hours a week (4×10 hour shifts). I remember thinking how am I going to do this. Being away from Jackson, household chores, cooking, whilst also having me time for my exercise and managing my natural living small business, I felt overwhelmed and said to my husband this is going to be hard.

The first week was tough. I was having separation issues from Jackson. But surprisingly Jackson was loving childcare as he started the month prior. A big tip I recommend when you are heading back to work. Settle your little one into day care 1-2 months prior.

I got through the first week and then worked on turning my attention to planning out my week with housework and cooking. You would think it’s not that hard right, whilst on maternity leave we were in lockdown so I would go to Coles every day to get groceries so I would get out of the house. Well not anymore!

I changed from fresh veggies to getting what I could frozen, which doesn’t decrease the nutrient level. I would buy meat and place what meat I wasn’t using over the next 2 days in the freezer and take it out to defrost the night before when needed. Yes I started buying in bulk to save time. These few simple things I found to be a lifesaver time wise. I am slowly going to bulk prep other items, but remember change one thing at a time for long term sustainable change.

I have been back at work for 3 weeks now and I am still adjusting to it all. It can take more than 2 weeks and that’s completely OK!

My advice to mums returning to work is don’t try to plan everything at once, and definitely use a calendar or daily planner. I found if I wrote it out I managed the time better and actually did the things when I needed. Take your time otherwise you will get overwhelmed as being away from your baby is tough and does take an emotional toll for a bit.

So start your new routine at least 1-2 months before the change actually kicks in so you are one step ahead and not frazzled when the day comes of returning back to work.

Unfortunately parenting doesn’t come with a manual and every baby is different so don’t stretch yourself to thin. Remember the washing can wait till the next day if all you want to do is have some time to yourself or spend time with your family.

Thank you to Fit For 2 for all the amazing tips I received from the online education portal and our amazing mum filled tribe of awesome women where no question is dumb!

Written By Laura, Mum to Jackson