Is your Pelvic Floor Primed for Pregnancy?

diametrally So, bubs are on the way, baking nicely in that belly of yours, due any moment & you cannot wait to meet this little being that you have helped create! Don’t pretend you haven’t actually thrown the question around your mind a few times already; I know you will have

WHY a qualified pregnancy & post-natal trainer is important to me.

George Town When I was making my long-awaited 9-month journey into motherhood, I knew I was placing a ‘pause’ to my usual exercise routines. I have never been any good at committing to getting up early, going for a regular run or a walk, strength training or anything of an individual nature.

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Really? You’re a ‘Stay at Home Mum?’ This is a phrase I have heard a bucket load of times in my short timeframe as a Mum. Not in a celebratory, "you are so lucky to be able to give your all to your children!" Certainly not in a complimentary, "how wonderful that you will have a front

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You’re pregnant – congratulations! So now what??

You’re having a baby! Yes!! No matter how this little being was conceived, created, or scientifically put together (thank the heavens for the wonderful technologies of today) this very moment, in my opinion, is the very moment that we, as women, were put on this earth. It is only us

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