Returning to Work After Having Your Baby After 10 months on maternity leave I was due to go back to work 40 hours a week (4x10 hour shifts). I remember thinking how am I going to do this. Being away from Jackson, household chores, cooking, whilst also having me time for my exercise and managing my natural

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Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

Lyrica tablets buy online How much do you know about pregnancy? About labour? About raising a baby? How much did you prepare?  We prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally, financially for a baby…an addition to our family, but how about ourselves physically? You take your vitamins and you do all your medical checks, sure, but do

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Being a new mum during COVID-19 and lockdowns is a whole different world. My experience and struggles.

Jayamkondacholapuram I am a first-time mum and my baby boy was born in January 2021, I experienced pregnancy during COVID-19 and lockdowns but being a new mum during the lockdowns is a whole different experience. In the 7 years I have being in my current job the longest I have taken

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Why I use natural products on my baby and what do I use?

Hi, my name is Laura and I started my natural living journey when I was pregnant with my first child. I started using natural products on myself, which I made myself. After a week felt the benefits of these products. I used products such as face scrubs, body wash, serums

The partners role from pregnancy to motherhood. What is my partners role?

Pregnancy is an amazing journey, and it is a wonderful experience you can share with your partner. Your partner does not experience the journey like you as you are the one carrying your baby and feeling every movement, so it is important to keep your partner involved. I was pregnant

How did I find Fit For 2, and what was my experience like?

I was six weeks pregnant and was still going to my normal gym, but I struggled to keep up with everyone else, so I realised I needed to try and find something that would suit me better. I have always been an active person and usually would have been playing

Congratulations! Your baby is here. What should I expect now for post birth recovery?

Congratulations! You have had your baby and now you are laying there sore but over the moon with happiness. You may be laying there wondering what will be next both mentally and physically for your body, I know that I was. As I was pregnant right at the peak of

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Work your booty!

It is no surprise how strong the female form is! Physical strength, mental endurance & emotional maturity enables us to travel through our daily challenges. And then get up the next morning to do it all over again! I think this will never be truer for all of the women

Is your Pelvic Floor Primed for Pregnancy?

So, bubs are on the way, baking nicely in that belly of yours, due any moment & you cannot wait to meet this little being that you have helped create! Don’t pretend you haven’t actually thrown the question around your mind a few times already; I know you will have

Really? You’re a ‘Stay at Home Mum?’

This is a phrase I have heard a bucket load of times in my short timeframe as a Mum. Not in a celebratory, "you are so lucky to be able to give your all to your children!" Certainly not in a complimentary, "how wonderful that you will have a front

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