It seems like everyone is rushing to the supermarket to snag the last roll of toilet paper as if it’s the Apocolypse.     

While toilet paper falling off shelves like a windy autumn day, it won’t actually protect you from Coronavirus – unless you’re planning to use it in making a protective layer across your whole house. If that is your plan, then hoard as much as you need.

And if you’re not planning on making a toilet paper cocoon around your house, there are more productive things you can put on your grocery list that may actually help you fight off the Coronavirus.

Empower yourself to do things that move you in the right direction and don’t submit to the fear. Instead of toilet paper, invest in foods that will aid your immunity – which may help protect you from Coronavirus

Point Cook This article will walk you through four proven grocery items that you can purchase at the supermarket that may support your immunity, and some creative recipes to use them in your food.

buy generic prednisone online Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and grapefruit are known to support the immune system. According to studies, a lack of vitamin C may lead to a compromised immune system. Additionally, vitamin C may be effective at preventing and treating respiratory infections such as Coronavirus.

Most people obtain enough Vitamin C in their daily diet, but in the current situation, it’s best to make sure you are getting enough. A word of caution, according to the mayo clinic megadosing on vitamin C may lead to vomiting insomnia and other side effects. So please do not horde vitamin C capsules, it’s not useful!

A great way to get citrus into your meal routine is to make a fruit salad and add your favorite citrus fruits like orange and grapefruit. Tumeric

Turmeric (AKA curcumin) is a spice that is effective at supporting your immune response. According to studies, turmeric assists your immune response and may be useful in fighting arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. How’s that for a two in one?

You can take it in pill form, add it on to your food, or take it directly with a spoon (if you’re really courageous).

Tumeric is regularly used in eastern cuisine like middle eastern, southeast Asian and subcontinental cuisines.

A creative way to get Tumeric in your routine is to try this fire cider recipe. This one is not for the faint of heart though, and its taste is true to the name. Look it up!


Another food that promotes immunity is button mushrooms. Button mushrooms are high in vitamin B and selenium. Sources say that a lack of selenium may make you more likely to catch illnesses and vitamin B plays a role in healthy immunity.

Add button mushrooms to your pizza as an immunity spice.


The final food on our grocery list is Broccoli. According to studies, broccoli has an immune-supporting effect because of it’s antioxidants and vitamins. Both of these are important for general preventative health and combating disease.

If you’re not a fan of raw broccoli, try this cheddar egg broccoli recipe or steam it instead.


There you have it, four grocery items that may support your immunity and help arm yourself in the case that you contract the Coronavirus.

Focus on the things you can do to stay healthy, forget about what’s out of your control, and keep the toilet paper at the store.

Do you already eat any of these foods? Do you have any good recipes? What are you doing to stay healthy during this pandemic? Share with us below…

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