Pregnancy is an amazing journey, and it is a wonderful experience you can share with your partner. Your partner does not experience the journey like you as you are the one carrying your baby and feeling every movement, so it is important to keep your partner involved.

I was pregnant through the peak of COVID so it was hard for my partner as we did not get the experience birthing classes together and he was only able to attend my first ultrasound and could only be in the room for the last 5 minutes. So, I made sure he was involved in other ways, such as:

  • cenforce 100 mg australia KNOWING AND SUPPORTING YOUR BIRTH PLAN & CHOICES. One very important role of your partner is to make sure they are supportive of your birth plan and choices, so talk to your partner before you go into labor so they are on the same page as you and they will be able to advocate for you on the day at the hospital. Remember, your birth plan should be a healthy mum and a healthy baby, but it’s ok to list other things that are realistic and important to you.
  • GOING OVER YOUR POSTPARTUM PLAN. Postpartum care plans are not really spoken about with your doctors during your pregnancy but once you get home things can be quite chaotic. Having your partner know what you are wanting in your postpartum plan is very important. Things you would have in a postpartum plan are things such as seeing a women’s health physio, planning out your nutritional needs and what items you may need to assist with your recovery. Having your partner know what you need will help them feel involved.
  • HAVING THEM HELP WITH TASKS AROUND THE HOUSE AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. The further you get into your pregnancy the harder everyday tasks will be, and once you give birth whether it is vaginally or c-section you will be limited in what you can do so get your partner to help you with tasks earlier gives them time to adjust and know what you want them to help with once you arrive home with your baby. These can be tasks such as doing the washing, making the beds, organizing meals, and shopping.
  • HAVING YOUR PARTNER INVOLVED IN OVERNIGHT FEEDS AND NAPPY CHANGES. A lot of partners think if the mother is breastfeeding there isn’t really anything they can help with, well there certainly are ways they can help.


  • If you are breastfeeding:
    • while you are getting yourself set up your partner can grab the baby and change their nappy, then pass them to you to do the feed.
    • While you are feeding your partner can grab you a couple of snacks and some water as breastfeeding takes nutrients from you, so you need to refuel more often than normal. Yes, breastfeeding mums need an extra 500 calories a day if fully breastfeeding.
  • If you are expressing and bottle feeding:
    • During the night you will need to at least express once to help maintain a good milk supply.
    •  If your baby wakes up for a feed but you need to express have your partner feed the baby and change the nappy while you express. I personally did this with my partner, and it worked great and helped him bond with our baby.
    •  If you don’t need to express, you do the feed and have your partner do the nappy change.
Your partner is your number one supporter during your pregnancy and after, so do not forget to have them help you and be involved in your baby’s care.

Parenthood is hard and can be challenging to coordinate doing the tasks you need to do around the house as you generally get interrupted doing them.

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Written by Laura Mum to Jackson