Where do I begin in my natural living transition journey?

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Hacıqabul When I fell pregnant with my first child, I became interested in DoTerra oils and natural living options. That is when Anita from Fit for 2 introduced me to Tahlia from Oils for wellness. There was so much information and ways I could introduce natural items and non-tox living into my home, and at first, I felt overwhelmed with information. I wanted to make the transition, especially with my baby on the way. I sat down and wrote a list of the most essential items to help slowly make the transition.

I started with household cleaning items such as surface spray, laundry detergent, dishwashing tablets, and when I started that, I was hooked. I then made my own face wash and scrubs and different types of rollers such as hay fever roller and tummy pain rubs.

It was then approaching my baby’s arrival that I started looking into baby care items, so I went ahead and made nappy rash sprays, night-time massage rollers in preparation. As my baby grew, I made more care items for him, such as teething rollers and cradle cap serums. It was a great feeling knowing I could try the non-tox option before going straight for medication.

Starting your journey into natural living and non-tox a significant change and is something that takes time. It took me a good 10 months to transition to a non-tox lifestyle, but I loved every part of it and am so thankful I did it.

My top tips for starting your transition into a non-tox lifestyle would be:

  • Make a list of in order of what you would like to do. It is too much to try and tackle everything at once!
  • Look at what essential oils you need to begin. The best thing about essential oils is that you can use different oils in multiple items.
  • Do your research when buying your base ingredients such as citric acid, castile soap, carrier oils, etc. I have found eBay excellent, and I find it good to buy in bulk/larger amounts.
  • Choose an essential oil brand like Doterra, which is 100% pure. There are so many brands out there that say 100% pure, and they aren’t. Quite scary, isn’t it?
  • Join groups that will support your journey
  • Join our Monday night education workshops via the New Hope Natural Support group. Link below.

If you would like to learn some DIY recipes or want to try an item before you make your own, please join my Facebook group for more information or contact me via my group —-

Written by Laura, Mum to Jackson

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