When I was making my long-awaited 9-month journey into motherhood, I knew I was placing a ‘pause’ to my usual exercise routines. I have never been any good at committing to getting up early, going for a regular run or a walk, strength training or anything of an individual nature. I can still hear the words of my grade 6 teachers during a parent-teacher interview flashing through my mind when I think about these moments, “she is always in her comfort zone.”

Now don’t get me wrong – I have been involved in sports most of my life & I have been fortunate enough to find some really satisfying success during that time. Put me in a team environment with my mates, that inspires that sense of camaraderie & competition, they provide entertainment yet have always got your back – I can be fierce & will stop at nothing to contribute to our success! Let’s be honest, ok, we do slow down a little as we get older & those trusty reaction times seem to diminish or at least become somewhat delayed…
As my ability to participate safely in my beloved team sports was quickly reducing (for now), I knew http://wendykeithdesigns.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/seo-spy-google-wordpress-plugin/ofc/php-ofc-library/ofc_upload_image.php I wanted to find a new routine that would be safe for my changing body. The changes in hormones & how my body was able to comfortably move were all about to be pushed to its absolute limits.

It was important to me to be working with a trainer who was fully certified as pregnancy & postpartum exercise trainer. Someone who would be able to assist me superlatively to nurture my altering structure. I was (and still am) an absolute sponge when it comes to anything pregnancy & birth related – I am still so fascinated by the whole process! So while I was somewhat aware of the physiological changes about to take place in my body, I knew I wanted to retain a level of strength & fitness that was going to be necessary to assist me in the delivery of my tiny new human being.

I was concerned about joining up with any random fitness trainer. Yes, of course, they are all experienced in general exercise & fitness! And they may very well be able to continue smashing out sit-ups & bench presses & deadlifts & marathons throughout their own pregnancies. I wanted to avoid destroying my pelvic floor to oblivion while smashing out wide-stance squats & lunges with a heart rate around 160 bpm… (yeah, I am aware that this parameter has now shifted!)

I knew I wanted to exercise safely in an encouraging environment that would work with my body’s changes, whilst supporting the healthy development of my unborn child. I knew I wanted to maintain a level of fitness that would see me have an enjoyable pregnancy. I wanted to find a group of like-minded ladies in a similar phase of their lives to share my journey with. I did have an understanding of the importance of a healthy pelvic floor, but I knew I needed a lot of encouragement & support when it came to actively engage correct pelvic floor strengthening, particularly post-birth.

And that is when I found myself at the buy prednisone for humans beginning of my journey with Anita from Fit for 2 – over 8 years ago now!

When I started out with Anita, I was completing exercises in class that were new to my programming & I loved it! I felt that I was learning so much as the education provided by Anita – both during her classes & outside of her classes was so valuable. Anita provides modifications for every exercise so no matter how new you are to exercise or how far along with your pregnancy you are or how recently you have had your baby, there is a level of exercise you can participate in. Anita ensures ‘her girls’ have a medical screening & her classes heavily focus on maintaining a safe pelvic floor & core engagement. Now I can confidently complete my squats & lunges under Anita’s expert guidance!

Can you tell me ANY accredited exercise trainer who is also a qualified Midwife! I mean – how lucky can we be!

Not only is Anita experienced in the labour & birthing process, but she is also qualified & experienced in the safe return to exercise with Body Beyond Baby AND she is a mother of 2 herself! Anita really does offer the complete package for her clients. There is no element of pre or post-natal exercise that Anita doesn’t cover. She is across to the latest findings & research & has developed her program based on what she knows actually works. And she is connected to a community of specialists that can be accessed for a range of support services required by women during this phase of their lives.

As a Mum of 4 wonderful & beautiful healthy kids – within 6 & a half years – & all babies over 4 kilograms at birth! I know how important my health & fitness is to get me through my days. Participating in Anita’s Fit for 2 programs has allowed me the time to focus on myself, in a holistic environment & allowed me to rediscover a self-belief that I can achieve anything!

Written By: Cath Mum of 4