buy antabuse tablets uk Hi, my name is Laura and I started my natural living journey when I was pregnant with my first child. I started using natural products on myself, which I made myself. After a week felt the benefits of these products. I used products such as face scrubs, body wash, serums and took essential oils internally via a vegetable capsule. I then did research into recipes for baby care products and saw how simple and easy it was to make these items and found that I already had all the ingredients. I felt the amazing benefits and support essential oils gave me and thought why would I not want that for my baby. My son Jackson is now 4 months old and absolutely loves the oils and the relief he receives from them.

Udhampur What are the benefits of natural products, well here are a few:

  • Less exposure to toxins such as preservatives, alcohols synthetic chemicals and hydrogenated oils.
  • Cost-effective to make your own if you want to try the DIY option
  • Supporting your baby’s immune system naturally

Some of the first items I made were nappy rash spray, tummy pain rub, congestion rollers and night-time massage oil, I then progressed to making barrier cream, teething rollers, and teething serum. I love knowing that I am helping naturally support my baby without exposure to toxins.

I then expanded my products and DIY recipes to baby care items as it can be quite scary for parents to know if going natural is safe for their baby and what natural items are available for your baby’s needs.

If you would like to learn some DIY recipes or want to try an item before you make your own please join my Facebook group for more information or contact me via my group

Thank you Laura for this amazing information and for supporting your baby naturally. When I had my kids 6 and  8 years ago, there was nothing out there that I could find to support my babies naturally. I tried many organic baby products and nothing worked, and to this day I have learnt so much that even an organic baby product can still contain toxins. If only I knew back then what I know now.

My 2 kids now absolutely love the essential oils and will use them for tummy pain, sleep, colds, cough, bites and so on.

Doterra Essential Pure Oils have been the best investment for me and my family.

Take a look at Laura’s Facebook page and make sure you watch our latest Monday night chat on the ‘8 Essential Baby Products for your postpartum bag’


Much love Anita and Laura

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