…not, but it sure may help – and it’ll definitely help more than hoarding toilet paper and canned beans.

Yoga has many science-backed benefits that make it useful in our current situation where fear is spreading between people faster than Coronavirus.

This article will discuss some of the scientifically proven benefits of yoga, and why it’s relevant to our current situation. Why is Yoga Useful

Lowers Stress

Studies show that yoga lowers stress levels, as well as fight depression and anxiety.

In addition to that, yoga lowers cortisol level, a hormone that the body releases in cases of stress — especially chronic stress. Yoga lowers anxiety levels with even as little as 1 hour of practice in a week according to a study.


Evidence shows that yoga helps with weight control because it promotes mindfulness – especially when eating. Weight-loss changes are observed when is yoga for 30 minutes, once a week (so basically nothing).

buy stromectol scabies online Why this Matters Now More Than Ever

These two benefits of yoga are more important now than before because fear is widespread and people are forced to quarantine.

According to the Mayo Clinic, fear causes the heightening of anxiety and depression. Luckily for you yoga protects against these two mental health issues. Fortunately, the excuse of not doing your weekly yoga isn’t a valid excuse, because you’re stuck at home – literally all day.

Social distancing is great for slowing down the rate of Coronavirus, but not for your weight loss goals. Yoga is effective at promoting weight-loss. Although it may not allow you to slim down as much as you want, it’ll help to stop and slow down weight loss during the next few months of social distancing.

It’s important to note that these benefits occur while doing only 30 – 60 minutes a week. So you really have no excuse to avoid it.

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traspinedo busco mujer soltera Conclusion

The Coronavirus is making many people fearful and forcing us to stay home. Unfortunately, fear usually heightens people’s anxiety, and social distancing measures encourage physical inactivity.  Fortunately, though, yoga may offer a solution to both these problems. Better yet, these benefits are observed with just 30 – 60 minutes of yoga a week – so there isn’t a reason why you can’t do it during the next few weeks and months.

Do you already do yoga? Has the worldwide quarantine effort forced you to do more? Tell us more in the comments…

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