You’re having a baby! Yes!! No matter how this little being was conceived, created, or scientifically put together (thank the heavens for the wonderful technologies of today) this very moment, in my opinion, is the very moment that we, as women, were put on this earth. It is only us who has this absolutely unique ability to carry & internally nurture a child, to do the very best for this child & to ensure the very best start to their life.

To me, pregnancy is such a beautiful, sacred, wonderful moment in ones’ life. A moment that was something I had dreamt about ever since I was a young girl. I am the eldest of two children & I remember begging my Mum to have another baby – just so I could take care of them – probably in hindsight, well past her child-bearing years!
I was so thrilled to have my turn to fulfill a life-long dream, to be a Mum. What will this little bundle be like; who would they look like & who will their personality take after. I was very fortunate to have a very simple, straight forward pregnancy. But believe me, I do understand that this is certainly not the case for a lot of women.
Morning sickness, backaches, constipation, leg cramps, vertigo/dizziness, fluid retention, insomnia, hemorrhoids, heartburn, reflux, high blood pressure, low iron, rib pain, tender breasts, thrush, varicose veins, acne, bleeding gums, restless leg syndrome, skin pigmentation, skin tags, discharge… Have I lost you yet? Are you still reading, quivering in your seat wondering – “what have we done?”

Please don’t be alarmed, these are all very normal side effects of pregnancy that you may or may not ever experience! For me, I only ever experienced morning sickness for about 10-weeks with my second pregnancy. I even cringe as I recount the memory as it was so very mild, like being a little hungover. I’ve had four pregnancies & I do completely understand that a lot of women reading this will be thinking, “Ha! You don’t know what you’re talking about regarding pregnancy if you haven’t experienced real morning sickness!” Maybe that’s a topic for another day…
As much as I feel most movies represent the pregnant woman as the guest at a party or function smashing down every tiny morsel she can wrap her lips around; you will have to be really careful what you – & therefore your baby – consumes. Avoid soft cheeses, partially cooked eggs, undercooked meat, some types of fish, pre-packed salads, sushi, cold cured meats & unpasteurized milk. Don’t exclude certain food groups (eg. Peanuts), take note of your vitamin A intake, reduce caffeine, remove alcohol & do not go near energy drinks.

Painting a real picture, aren’t I…

You will find yourself scrolling through a mountain load of information about where your next focus will be. What will we need to get? By we, I mean you & your baby. Whether you are in a relationship or have chosen to go on this journey on your own, you will always have your baby’s best interests to consider. Cot, change table, nappies, pram, car seat, a rocker, nappies, wipes, a monitor, bottles, formula (if not breastfeeding) & did I mention nappies? The list truly does go on.

My advice would be to obtain as much information as you can! Arm yourself with all the knowledge you require to make the best decision for you & your baby. Whether you have someone you trust, a mother figure (please keep in mind that this scenario may present to you as quite outdated), a sister, a friend, someone who you trust, someone who you think is doing a good job or in a similar situation to yourself that you feel comfortable asking advice from. I’ve heard every story from Great Aunty Dianne from back in the day, that usually starts with something along the lines of, “back in my day…” We’ve all heard it before, haven’t we! You will never hear it more often at this very stage of your life. For the rest of your life!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that your expectations of being pregnant may align in some magical way! But they may very well not. And that’s ok. You will get through it. Whatever your journey is towards motherhood, please try to take it all in & enjoy the ride! You will lock in dates with your chosen medical professionals for scans, tests, needles & all of the necessary pregnancy milestone checks to monitor you & your baby’s progress.

There is someone you NEED to add to that team!

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Written By: Cath Mum of 4